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Meet Julia ≅

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for many years, I have to thank my guru, Swami Shantanada (Mataji) for teaching me the deeper meaning of yoga, which has now become not only an important part of my life, but my lifestyle.  I recently completed my power yoga teacher training under Duncan Peak, and now I have included in my menu of classes Power and Hot Yoga, I am loving them as I believe they have challenged my body to become more flexible and stronger.

I have an established meditation practise that has helped me understand the thread of not just my mind but of minds in general and now I feel compelled to share my experience with other people, people like you who have no idea where to start and how to go about it.

Meet Emma ≅

Emma first discovered yoga in her early 20’s out in the Yarra Valley region where she grew up.
Without any background of knowledge of the origins of yoga – she instantly made a deep connection with the practice, and what it could offer.
Emma has a bursting passion to share yoga with everyone around her. She believes a yogic way of life is accessible for everyone, no matter your age, gender, profession, or personal beliefs. She wishes to make yoga more accessible to a vars range of people.
Emma, is warm, friendly with an outgoing personality, that shines through in her classes.

Meet Pat ≅

Pat has completed her teacher training at Australian College of Classical Yoga.  Having a background in performance she has dipped her toes into yoga many times over her life but it was in coming into her 50s that she discovered that Yoga offered a reconnection with her body and a clearer understanding of how the mind works.

She was compelled to look at Teacher training initially to investigate the deeper meaning of yoga.  She believes everyone has a right to a joyful and connected life and that yoga offers a pathway to this.  Pat is fascinated by the changes it can have on the way life is lived.

About Yoga for Life

All you need to do is show up for your class wearing something comfortable, no need to book! We have everything you need: yoga mats, cushions, blankets, bolsters and props…
You can pay cash for your class when you come or you have different options of payment online. Check our current timetable and fees.
Our classes run for one hour and they include shavasana, a deep yogic relaxation which allows the body regain calm and take from the poses and movement all the benefits.


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