Taking your Yoga practice to the next step

Have you thought about deepening your understanding of Yoga? Sharing what you already know with other people? Giving back to your community through our beautiful practice? Living the life of a true Yogi?

We are a growing community of Yogis in the Doncaster and Templestowe area who enjoy the learning of Yoga in a friendly environment.  We laugh, we balance, we fall, we share and we just love Yoga. And now we offer a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. 

 6 MONTH    –     200 HOUR    –    TEACHER TRAINING

2nd of February until 27th July, 2019

Saturdays 11am to 4pm


Our training is based on the very traditional and classical Yoga and as a practitioner of this style of Yoga you will learn to live in truth… that is,  to be okay with reality even when it gets uncomfortable. We will take a journey through the Eight Limbs of Yoga understanding why not only Asana (poses and movement) is important but every single one of the Eight Limbs are crucial to understanding, developing, deepening and finally experiencing truth so that we stop trying to bend the world around us to accomodate our preferences.

Yoga means UNION… between the individual Self and the Universal SELF… where there is complete harmony and peace, within, and with the world around.

This course will also provide all the tools you need to develop your own practice, get to know your own Yogic personality, which will make you a unique Yoga teacher, a very hands on practical approach to deliver, not only a class, but a whole message.

Feel free to join us even you you do not want to teach… even if it is just for your own personal awakening…

  • Eight Limbs of Yoga
  • Meditation techniques and practices
  • Chakras
  • Basic Sanscrit
  • Asana knowledge and practice
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Preparing a Yoga class
  • Mudras
  • Bandhas
  • Cues
  • Adjustments
  • Meditation and Shavasana
  • The business of Yoga
  • Weekly teacher’s classes

Upon completion of the course you will be able to teach a Yoga class in various venues such as yoga studios, pilates studios, schools, corporate, private, and you may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

Your Teacher

Julia moved to Australia from Mexico in 2005, she graduated from the Australian College of Classical Yoga under the teachings of Swami Shantananda in 2007 and has been teaching ever since... she's had her own studio 'Yoga for Life' since 2008... She furthered her Yoga studies under Duncan Peak in 2012 at Power Living Australia...

She has mentored more than 10 Yoga teachers to help them attain their Yoga Teacher's certification and has guided more than 200 people through her Meditation Workshops...
Julia Toral
Senior Yoga Teacher

What people have to say...

Julia has made a huge impact on my yoga experience for the last four years, even through back pain and other health problems. Classes are varied and always seem to be just what I need
Carol N
I have been doing a weekly yoga class with Julia since 2009 and I just love it. It is challenging and rewarding, varied and always beautiful. The best yoga teacher I have had. Always leave the class feeling better in body, mind and soul
Helen G.
Excellent!! Julia is an amazing teacher. You can't help but get caught up in her passion. She offered so much practical advise. I will definitely keep practising meditation
Virginia B
I recommend the course to anybody seeking peace. Julia is a wonderful instructor, very helpful and most pleasant
Louisa R
Julia’s soothing voice brings you to a special place a place of peace and calm
Albert G
Thought provoking and just what I needed in my life. I got so much out of it; I loved it
Kathy E

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